Now to editing tabloids!

Now to editing tabloids!

i have long since returned to Zimbabwe, my home country. I must say there is alot that has happened since my days in Holland.
I have learnt to be a better person and keep in my own track.
I have also gotten new responsibilities.
As the second in command of a new publication, i feel appreciated after the promotion.
Better still is the fact that i think the world of my new boss. We complement each other and he is a strong and hard worker. Explains why there has always been a negative vibe at work about him. Anyone who works hard and has an appreciation for fine things and diverse cultures is classified a snob.
I have since overcome what people say by not listening in the first instance.
Holed up in our new office space, we are trodding on. Far from perfect,we are learning to crawl before we walk and run. My skills from Holland are now being put to the test. They are living up to the task.
News editing for this tabloid, called H-Metro, is the best thing i have ever done. From being treated like a second class person and first class slave, to working very very hard for an appreciative they say, all good things to those who wait!


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