Matters of the heart

Matters of the heart

I don't really have time to get into my heart. To sift through my emotions, trials, tribulations. That is something i leave to other people.
I serve other people and as a result, have little to no time to worry bout myself.
But there is always so much one can do to ignore themselves, and there comes a time when the hate machine around you churns so much hate, you have to stop and refocus.
I have had a pretty front row seat to hate and prejudice no less. several people, far from my heart and prayers all ganging up to cook up a storm against me. I never mind too much really. But when the names of other people are dragged in, this ceases to be a personal issue.
However, in this my trying times when friends may have run off and the fair-weather friends have dissipated, i am safe in the knowledge that this is my finest hour, because for the first time in ages, i can sit with my handful of mates around me and say 'THIS is my true family; these are my truue loves, this is my true home.'
Those who hate can keep going, it is their prerogative, it is their time. soon however, death and despair come knocking on their door. it is my prayer!
May the good Lord bless his planet abundantly...


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