Evicted drop hot video and single

Evicted drop hot video and single

Mad Genius...Evicted have released hot vid and single (pic courtesy of Evicted)

By Robert Mukondiwa

They are the hot heads of the music world South of the Sahara.

A foursome that plays music as a lifestyle rather than anything else and they have just gotten ‘madder’.

Evicted, the band that slayed Andy Brown’s mapurisa with their region breaking cover have gone one better.

They have EVICTED a crazy hit from their mad lunatic minds of explosive talent and the track, Ndoita Sei (what do I do?), has dropped with a video which has already started shaking the foundations of feel-good Afro-fusion, pop and rock as we know it!

A tale about a mampara fellow who picks up a tart for a one-night-stand after a drinks in the pub…no make that shebeen or some seedy place…the man wakes up rather late the next day to find that the bloody woman has gone off with his shoes, his clothes, his money!

The damn thrill-seeker is left high and dry. Marooned!

Recorded live at the Miombo Music Festival this year, the hit is sure to get many takers from the phenomenal group’s fans as well as tonnes more…not least those who secretly share the story of waking up robbed after a night of passionate Olympics!

Watch out for the drop of the group’s full length album later on this year. And keep your eyes on this blog, Zimbabwe’s hottest, for updates on the group and their amazing feat as they scale fresh and even fresher heights!

Now enjoy the video!


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