Zimbabwean young designers invited for London Fashion Week opportunity

Zimbabwean young designers invited for London Fashion Week opportunity

Genius fingers like 7:30's Tanaka Samukange can have a crack.

By Robert Mukondiwa

It’s probably the Holy Grail of every fashion savvy person from the dreamy designer hoping to conquer the world right down to the fashionista craving to get their hands on the latest fashion pieces crafted for mortal man.


It is on British runways that pieces that look like they have the power to immortalise man have been unveiled to the world.

And showcasing at the London Fashion week is the height of the dreams of every designer worth their salt.

Now Zimbabwean design nuggets will have a crack at being part of the coveted future talents in design in a hotspot on the side-lines of one of the world’s most elite fashion extravaganzas as part of the International Fashion Showcase, thanks to the local British Council.
Clement Makina models his UrutĀ wear.

The International Fashion Showcase (IFS) takes place every February in association with London Fashion Week and has been a magnet for over 550 emerging fashion designers from over 70 countries in the past three years. Young talented aspiring designers in the making have had the rare chance of showcasing their work in static exhibitions and installations.

In next February’s sixth edition, the Council is inviting emerging designers to showcase their works at IFS 2017.

There have been sparks of brilliance in Zimbabwe’s divine art of fashion design; sweet succulent hands with the sacred godly ability to frame the human form and design breath-taking pieces of body couture artwork-hands like those of Tanaka Leroy Samukange, Cyril Gopoza, Clement Makina and other dazzling geniuses  have emerged and satisfied the search for potential.

Now they and like-gifted Zimbabweans can now have a crack at the big stage.

All they have to do is have the will to want it, a little self-esteem and a lot of spirit-and to contact the British Council in Harare via the point person for the potential epic trip to London, Ms Charmaine Chitate.

“Those interested in being part of this event can send an e-mail to Charmaine on Charmaine.Chitate@britishcouncil.org.zw,” and take Zimbabwe into the future of fashion design and onto the world stage.

And constant updates will be available on this blog as and when they are availed so we follow the road to London 2017 together.

So what are you waiting for? Send that mail!

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