Boy with the juicy internet buttocks…Meet the reluctant accidental internet sensation

Boy with the juicy internet buttocks…Meet the reluctant accidental internet sensation

By Robert Mukondiwa

Before that iconic shot of him smiling mischievously at a camera as he snapped a selfie, Daniel ‘Beluga’ Mandishona jnr was just another college kid.

The iconic picture that went viral on social media

A little god of the crafts around creation and graphic designing, the party animal, also known as Sir Hash Brown, had had one of his typical London nights as a hot-blooded university student at the University of The Arts London, Central Saint Martins.

It had all the ingredients of alcohol and a whole lot of mischief…including the girls.

EXCLUSIVE...and different view of the iconic picture

Then he took the selfie that would change his life and make him a recognisable face all the way back to his African homeland.

“So this daige was still in the room naked, isn’t. And I was like ‘let me snap a selfie for my homies’ and I posted it to a group which honestly was just for like the three or four of us just for fun isn’t” said Daniel.

But no. The vows of the ‘secret society’ that he thought his group of homies’ was turned out to have a leak and the next thing the pic was circulating all over the internet including key websites as well as being turned into a meme online with everything tagged ranging from making fun on the brother in law to anything that a fertile dirty imagination could conjure.
Modern Day...Dee Mand and Robert Mukondiwa 'eating and licking' in Mutare

“I tried to tell these homies to take it down from their website but they would have none of that hey. All the while people kept ringing me saying ‘oan, is this you’, I was devastated for a while but I just decided I would have to ignore it. I couldn’t keep running from it.”

And indeed he couldn’t. Spreading like a veld fire, the meme made him a recognisable face.

Now, a respectable contractor with a Harare media organisation and a joy to work alongside, Sir Hash Brown has decided to be famous for his talents rather than selfie taking prowess or the caramel heap of fresh smelling buttocks behind him in a selfie.

“The chick still doesn’t know she’s the one in the pic. I don’t think she even knows that pic exists!” he says.

And it’s best for him to keep it that way.
Either way, he has learnt the folly of new media. Or has he? Still the party animal, Daniel’s Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounts still have very…hot-blooded extrovert accounts of the life and times of a modern social media god.

Follow Daniel on his handles on Twitter: Deemand Instagram: @dmandishona Facebook: Daniel Mandishona and Snapchat @themandishona.

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