Warrior’s song an ugly beauty

Warrior’s song an ugly beauty

By Robert Mukondiwa
There is something beautiful about the song by Charles Mabika and superstar Jah Prayzah for Afcon next year. Then there is something bad and ugly as well.

It is probably in order to explore everything that defines the new song entitled Handei MaWarriors released early this week.

First of all, it is great that Charles Mabika has managed to reinvent his brand. It is no question that he has stretched across generations from before independence until now. While his hairstyle is still stuck in a 1970’s beer garden, there at least is something about him that is in 2016; his eagerness to try something new, in this case it is music.
Warrior’s song an ugly beauty
Also of note is that the song has a great tempo which has always been Jah Prayzah’s strength.

Compared to other Warriors songs, this is by far the worst. Vakomana Vekwedu by Tanga Wekwa Sando under his ‘Giraffe’ brand is a beauty as is Go Warriors, penned by Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo because the songs are great sing-alongs and stick to one’s mind forever. They are catchy like that.
The ramble that is Handei Mawarriors is a horrible rush of nothing in particular that one will sing along to.

Also bad about this song is that it is best before perhaps even BEFORE the event arrives. It will go stale before AFCON starts. Mabika ‘names’ his line-up which includes names and therefore this song has a sell by date. It mentions Philip Chiyangwa, Sports Minister Makhosini Hlongwane and notable footballers.

What if they don’t hold such portfolios by that time? What if they are not named in the squad? What if there is a cabinet reshuffle? And with the turbulent politics where one wakes up in another ministry or planting tomatoes on a parched farm, anything can happen in our Republic.

In terms of penmanship this is the WORST attempt.

God forbid what if the minister gets fired? And while we wish everyone long life, if anybody should expire BEFORE AfFCON that song will be a terrible train wreck. Perhaps they should have asked Jonathan to write a song with a bit of vision.

At its worst, the song sounds like the work of the occult. The mentioning of the Minister and Phillip Chiyangwa and also renowned money distributor Wicknell Chivayo would seem like a cultic worship of these moneyed individuals.

The rear licking nature of the lyrics makes demi-gods out of mere mortals. And now these individuals have become the ‘prophets’ of football in Zimbabwe if the lyrics are anything to go by.

Finally and probably most frightening is the fact that not even his foray into the music industry has convinced Charles Mabika change his hairstyle!

One song that will definitely not get an award.

Listen to the song...at your OWN risk!


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