ZiFM Iron Lady responds…I’m doing my job

ZiFM Iron Lady responds…I’m doing my job

The Iron Lady Tendai Madondo...'Just doing my job'

By Robert Mukondiwa

ZiFM Station Manager Tendai Madondo, accused of being thereason behind the haemorrhaging of top presenters from the station, has dispelled the notion that she is the reason behind the meltdown, saying instead she is tough and strict only so as to maintain order, discipline and make money for the station.

In an exclusive interview from South Africa where she is currently on business, Tendai, touted as unable to handle the creative in the media industry and therefore repelling them into leaving ZiFM, said she acknowledges some of the criticism but had a reason behind her strictness.

Names leaving the station include Farai Mwakutuya, Candice Mwakalyelye, Eskay, Zihlo, Sokostina and Kundai Chiyanika.

“You know Robert, often times someone comes to the station to report for duty at 2 O’clock when they were expected in by midday and they have an ego and want preferential treatment I will come down sternly on them and demand that they be punctual,” she said.

“It is in some of those instances that people say I am heavy handed or I am flexing my power or probably are connected to some powerful person but I am not. My job is to make money for my shareholders and stakeholders and that comes with the enforcement of discipline. Whether people like that or not is another matter,” she said.

While many people have walked into the ZiFM corridors as virtual nonentities and some even paupers, many have now made huge names from their exposure, with stories abound that many have become divas who think that they have grown bigger than the station-something Madondo says she addresses in her role as the boss.

“I cannot achieve results if I massage egos and let people have their way. It is a thing with leadership. It has probably happened with you too Robert your boss (named) may scold you or something but that is no reason to run to the media or to quit. You continue because such altercations are part of the world of work,” she added.

A known disciplinarian, Tendai says she is at the helm of arguably the hippest youthful station owing to her qualifications.

“Robert, I have to confess I haven’t worked in the media before this. But I am in my job by merit not because of any connection or anybody that I know. I sat in that interview, being interviewed by three total strangers and I got that job and will do whatever it takes as a leader to make sure I deliver successfully,” she added.

In what is predominantly a man’s world, Tendai has done remarkably well to prop the ZiFM brand, but her tactics have ruffled a few feathers with some in the ZiFM corridors saying she is behind the disaffection amongst the workers.

But with an attitude like that, Tendai is bound to go for the powerful tigers and the lowly flies in the name of delivering.

“At the end of the day it is a cutthroat world and working with creative is never easy. What I would appreciate is for people to have disagreements and move on because that is what work entails. However, we cannot have people just do whatever they wish at work,” she said referring to the diva mentality of some.

She however sang from the hymn sheet as the individuals who said they would be leaving, saying they were all leaving via mutual consent and were happy to part ways only because of issues beyond their own control.

“Some have had to move because of family commitments. You remember for example that Eskay got married and has had to join his wife and we are saddened to see him leave. Nobody, as far as I know is leaving because of either me as a person or disaffection with the ZiFM as a station,” Tendai added.

“If you ever work with me Robert, you will discover that I am a professional. And as you have been professional in your job by tracking me and seeking comment, I too am professional and enforce discipline in order to get results for my boss,” she said.

Tendai promised an official statement exclusively for first release on this blog which will be printed in its entirety. 

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