Bulawayo’s rising meteor shines again

Bulawayo’s rising meteor shines again

By Robert Mukondiwa

When he streaked across the galaxy of Hip-Hop with his first effort, My Brother’s Keeper, Syfo (real name Sipho Samuel Mlilo) was looking like Halley’s Comet. A one off shiner.

Launching a scorcher...Sipho Syfo Fame Mlilo.

Two years after his 2014 debut, the Bulawayo multi-talented star affirms his place in the hip-hop firmament as a permanent star with the launch this Saturday of his second album curiously entitled Black China.

“See there was this girl who we went to church with and everybody loved her but she just wouldn’t give the guys a chance. Her eyes were like a Chinese chicks’ eyes (read moderately and sexy squint) so we just started calling her China,” he says of his album name choice.

And so this project, which was born out of a deep love for a hot-blooded God fearing gospel girl who didn’t give the homies a chance, is now reality. Syfo sings his heart out to the biggest incentive of all-love.
Due to be launched at the Palace Hotel Gardens, the effort oozes of the fast and furious spits in hip-hop which characterise the fast rising Southern Zimbabwean music scene.

Except the Nkulumane 12 bred Syfo also adds in a bit of rap, house and a dash of Naija rap flavours to deliver a scorcher.

“I just wanted the album to be unique,” he says. And unique it is.

Pushed by Mumhanzi Media, the goal is to get the numbers in to see the iconic starlet.

“We want people to come and witness this amazing event and see the rise and rise of a celebrated Bulawayo artiste in the making,” said Mumhanzi Media.

Collaborating with some of Bulawayo’s finest including BME, Mistreey, Cal_vin and Enzo, Syfo strikes the right chords.

Scorchers in the E.P effort include, Your Love, Thandana, Ita Uchibhenda and the title track Black China.


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