Cynthia Mare Rides Joe Cole’s rural equipment in new feel good video

Cynthia Mare Rides Joe Cole’s rural equipment in new feel good video

Cynthia Mare would have been the perfect ambassador for a tissue paper company.

A montage of Cynthia Mare and John Cole pictures from the sidelines of the Ngoro video shoot in Dema communal lands
Her songs have always elicited tears; tugging at the heartstrings with stories of loss and emotive pieces that make angels fall from the sky and Saints weep.

But the weeping angel has finally found her smile and now can be the face of a toothpaste advertisement-her smile is overwhelming.

And nothing better than the fresh release of her latest music video for the song Ngoro, whose trailer she dropped on Tuesday 1 November.

The song, a feel good track with strong hints of mbaqanga influences, has a video that features fast rising choreographer and dance wizard John Cole, albeit in an element we have never seen him in-as a rural herd-boy no less!

The video, which was shot in Dema communal lands in Seke, looks set to become a sweet feel good effort that will bring out the ‘silly’ and ‘naughty’ in everyone much as it did to the usually business-like John Cole and Cynthia.

“It is a fun song exploring fun themes,” explains Cynthia beaming with a smile like never before.

“The video having JC jumping up and down and acting silly was part of the experience. He is a guy who knows how to have fun and it was just a great event and outing for us and nothing too serious,” she explained.

JC had a blast;

“The experience was cool and quirky and we said ‘let’s go out there and make mistakes and have fun’ and that is what we did,” he said.

It’s a story of a rural herd-boy who decides to try his luck asking out a metropolitan girl and wanting to marry her. He then promises to take her on a ride on his Ngoro (Scotch-cart). She wants to ride that Ngoro. No naughtiness intended!

Watch out for the exclusive drop of the full length video on this blog.

Watch the trailer:


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