Mustard Seed a foodie’s haven

Mustard Seed a foodie’s haven

By Robert Mukondiwa 

Few places in Zimbabwe can absolutely be classified as the foodie’s paradise in Zimbabwe especially in Harare. 

The Mustard Seed in Highlands Harare

Let’s face it, with the fast life and quick bites that are needed as the conveyor belt of everyday life in a bleeding economy, people are putting less and less thought into their food.
The Mustard Seed, nestled in a picturesque and peaceful nook in Highlands is just about the nearest to food lover’s Eden in the capital.
A peek inside...

I hopped along to an afternoon where I would have the opportunity to try out something off their lunch menu and returned feeling like an A-lister from food paradise who had just been treated to an angel’s lunch.
Entrée: Salmon…always go for salmon!

Main dish: Grilled Rib Eye Steak, Parsnip Chips, Peppercorn Sauce and micro-greens

Dessert: Vanilla Milkshake:

There was a wide array to choose from including Home-made ice-cream which the others decided to settle for. After having had a hearty main course and entrée, I decided to spoil myself and douse out the summer flames and shimmering heat across the grassy fields by indulging in a childhood favourite of mine-a good old fashioned rich Vanilla Milkshake.
It was a glorious way to cold off and quieten the salt on my palate as old memories came rushing back of me as a carefree child. The Mustard seed made me feel like a giddy child again although the mostly over-50 colleagues I had around the table had already made me feel like a spring chicken anyway!

A cappuccino is always the same everywhere? No. it’s even better if it is following on perhaps some of the best service Harare has to offer as well as some of the most lovingly prepared food in the capital. Heating the engine and letting the summer breeze cool down the body, it was a fine and fitting way to end what was in essence a very enjoyable culinary experience.
The Warm Interior of The Mustard Seed

If you are a foodie and are in their neck of the woods, find The Mustard Seed at 27 Ridgeway South, Highlands, Harare or telephone +263 777024749.
Heck, even if you are NOT in their neck of the woods, do your palate and tummy a favour and live like a god, if only for a day!


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