Prophet Magaya seeks sexual turnaround

Prophet Magaya seeks sexual turnaround

By Robert Mukondiwa

The case is in court for Prophet Walter Magaya and certainly little can be said in the ongoing rape case.

But one thing is for sure; it has dented his until now almost sparkling image.

Facing the litmus test...Prophet Walter Magaya

A charismatic personality who is a pleasure to spend time with and comes across as truly prayerful, the case against the prophet made him look ugly. Even uglier than William Masvinu, three-time winner of the Mr Ugly contest.

He is alleged to have taken a young woman to one of his houses in the city, shown her his grandiose existence, and topped it off by force-gifting her with his crown jewels.

So it is with this backdrop of the “man of the cloth’ being depicted as a rape suspect that he hosts his first ‘Night of Turnaround’ after these salacious details were availed to the public via the court reporting system-the fifth he has hosted.

While the court has not decided on the merits of the case never mind concluded it, the question is what the court of public opinion will think.

Magaya has maintained high numbers of congregants ever since the damning allegations emerged but this is the biggest stage yet to test whether his message resonates with the people or whether they would rather stay away and weigh if whether they need to be taught anything by this man who is now between a rock and a hard place.

Certainly if the figures plummet, then Magaya, once the darling of the Pentecostal community and congregants, will have to brace for a probable loss of influence, having been touted as one of the most influential youths in Zimbabwe, albeit by kangaroo science analysts.

But perhaps what could be his saving grace will be the fact that Magaya has always been less than hypocritical in his ‘conversion’ tactics never being afraid to go for the so-called ‘dirtiest’ in society and most ‘controversial’.

He almost literally plucked the bottle out of Beverley’s privates-funding her out of raunchy dancing in dingy bars and converted a lot more musicians into at least treading the straight and narrow.

Granted, Beverly was soon to plug the bottle in again and continue in her raunchy dancing but Magaya had tried his level best.

Fact is, where many fear to tread, Magaya has gone bravely and shown that he has a gospel which seeks to heal the wounded, weak and diseased and not pile ‘holier than thou’ beings in his church or before his pulpit.

While those attending the event will be seeking turnaround, Magaya seeks his own turnaround to see whether accusations of body-part-avarice and sexual impropriety have harmed him or whether he can turnaround the current sexually related perception of him as a man of the cloth and transfigure his image.

Certainly at number 1 Sherwood Road this November 4, two days before the cleric’s 33rd birthday, turnaround will be for everyone in the place including Walter Magaya.

After all, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. And everybody needs turnaround.


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