Willis Wataffi sings on his knees

Willis Wataffi sings on his knees

By Robert Mukondiwa

Willis Wataffi Afirika, the former frontman of explosive Qaya Roots outfit Afrika Revenge has finally heeded a call he has run off from for years and decided to record an album on his knees.

His fresh release “Songs of David”, which has gotten heads turning not least of all for its though provoking cover design, has another thing coming for the avid fan of the Qaya music maestro; it’s a gospel album!
Artwork for Willis Wataffi's Songs of David gospel release

That is not to say Willis has left the jazzy grooves and contemporary vibe for the synagogue full time. Far from it.

“I have always been on my pathway to recording a gospel effort ever since I sang at a Rhema church in South Africa. It may have been a calling I was not heeding enough but final that bug has caught up with me and I decided let me sing for my Lord and his glory,” says the devout Christian.

Not to say he has never written from the passion of his religious virtue, those who really know the musical way the Bulawayo-bred musician has charted will remember that even on the phenomenal “Qaya Musik” album were songs for benediction, notably “Anochengeta”.

“True, I have always written a track or so to speak to my spiritual upbringing but this time around I have decided to go all out in my praise and worship,” he says.

Indeed he did go all out.

With his satin voice and sweet-sensational harmonies, Willis has created this 13 track scorcher which will leave gospel music lovers wishing he were turning to the genre forever while the contemporary music lover will appreciate it for its artistic merit.

He even has strong hands, hands strong enough to pull the massive voice of the gentle giant of gospel music, Pastor G in the track Ngaavongwe, which also features the up and coming starlet Abraham Mchesa.

There had been the misconception that since he has gone on a gospel tip he would stay as a gospel artiste.

He dismissed it for its ridiculous core. After all Mariah Carey did not continue to make Christmas Carol laden albums simply because she had done a Christmas album. Neither did Beyonce or Kanye West get labelled as gospel artiste after singing gospel medleys with Destiny’s Child or Jesus Walks respectively.

The album “Songs of David” is more than a gospel album, as those who listen to it will attest to. It is a lyrical and musical journey. An experience that is delving into the lyrical mastery of a modern day lyrical Michelangelo who paints the picture of the sweet science of worship in words and music.

To accompany the musical baby, Willis has already perfected the video for “Ngaavongwe” and plans a little bit more.

“This is my conversation with God and I have to go all out. It is my moment with my creator. As a result I should exert myself. As a result I am also doing four more videos for songs off of the album,” he promises.

Doubtless, his fans will find a newfound love with their artiste as he resurrects on this beautiful album along with his saviour.

Watch the video of Ngaavongwe here:


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