Bulawayo’s Vegas reckoning beckons...as Club Connect comes to town

Bulawayo’s Vegas reckoning beckons...as Club Connect comes to town

By Robert Mukondiwa

It has been down to no discussion whatsoever.

Bulawayo is the party capital of Zimbabwe.

Funny it should be on parched hot arid land too, perhaps like its American party cousin Las Vegas which is where everyone goes when they want to have a Hollywood script of experiences and not have anyone know about it when they get back to their daily grind in their regular cities.

And now also much like Vegas, Bulawayo sees the rise of another hot and happening night club as Club Connect, who’s pay-off line is ‘People & Music’ opens its doors this Friday.

And this could well become the Zimbabwean equivalent of the strip as it is located in the oasis of fun and mischief right next to what has become iconic amongst thrill seekers, the all famous Private Lounge.

“We understand that while some may love the location right next to the iconic Cecil Hotel which we have given a fresh face and feel, they may not necessarily love the ambiance and theme of Private Lounge and may not want to take the drive to our other franchise Club 263 in order to get the full night clubbing experience,” says Biggie Chinoperekweyi.

And so it was that he decided to breathe life into a hot and happening night club themed experience.

“Club Connect will open its doors on Friday in a ceremony that will be glitzy and glamorous and attract the socialites of the city and other guests, many whom shall be regulars at the new fresh club,” said Chinoperekweyi.

“Our mantra is People sand Music and that is the experience we shall be giving clubbers in a massive dose of the best local and guest DJ’s who shall shake the foundations of the club with fast paced clubbing experiences,” he added.

With some of the best clubs in the nation now in Bulawayo, the new kid on the block threatens to make its mark not least because of its cousin establishments which are situated on the same complex.

Many city local tourists have resorted to travelling to Bulawayo for the one-stop partying experience with the knowledge that they can rest a stone’s throw away at the Cecil Hotel after having sampled the best of Bulawayo in one night.

“We can’t wait for the opening; and we plan to make it an event to remember,” concluded Chinoperekweyi.


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