Dry Fuck Horror In Harare Goes Viral

Dry Fuck Horror In Harare Goes Viral

What was supposed to be a smooth entry into an exciting new year turned horrendous for a Harare girl as her ‘dry fuck’ ‘rape’ ordeal has gone viral on social media.

(The people in the video have been identified but we have their identities withheld…on condition of good behaviour in 2017!)

The young woman, who went into an orgy with three Harare socialites, has maintained that she is not cognisant of the ordeal as she was under the influence.

She got to see the video, in which three known young men in social circles took turns to dry fuck her, also known as dry humping, in a city hotel to a made and feisty sexually connoted orgy whilst one of them, identified by moniker @IamTJ on Twitter, recorded the encounter on his device.

He is also one of the ‘starring actors’ in the dry hump and needs to be identified for being stupid enough to record!
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Yet after the embarrassing low, the woman says the trio had promised not to leak the Snapchat recorded video but keeping promises is definitely not one of the New Year’s resolutions for at least one of the gang-bangers as the video has become an internet sensation and pure staple for social media trolls the country and perhaps world over.
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“It is a big lesson to her. Never get yourself in unsafe spaces and never let alcohol take over your life especially if you are celebrating. Fortunately for her, she was clothed in her skimpy lingerie and perhaps the embarrassment she marked entering 2017 with is enough to make her more careful in the future,” said an observer.
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