‘I’m not a bed wetter’: Nox

‘I’m not a bed wetter’: Nox

Prolific singer Nox Guni was at the receiving end yet again of his malicious tattle-tale ex ‘wife’ popularly known as Mai Gamu.

Her recent mud-smearing tactic? Posting on social media that Nox, real name Enoch Guni, was a bed wetter.

"I'm still shining..." Unfazed by the fresh hate from Mai Gamu

But in what must be a mature show of reaction, Nox released a terse note in response, responding to the vitriol and malice with a still small voice of an adult in what is becoming a childish rant from his ex.

He is NOT a bed wetter!

“I’m not posting or responding to it (any further). If I was any another person I would have said a lot, but I won’t wash the dirty linen in public.

Besides, my Christian values won’t let me do that to anyone especially in public. So I choose to be the fool,” reads the short response from Nox.

Nox, obviously weary from fighting his erstwhile lover, is reported to be in the studio directing the energy to composing and working on new material.

The Ndinonyara hit-maker has had a Tom and Jerry type running battle with his ex-partner but has since stopped running, refusing to respond to the online rants of his increasingly delusional Mai Gamu.

“It has hurt his image badly but Mai Gamu should understand that this is no longer sticking on Nox. He has been exposed enough and now the attention has shifted to her with people thinking she is brain damaged somewhat and a delusional nutcase. Look at the Olinda case. If you wail for too long people cease to take you seriously and that is what is happening with Mai Gamu,” said a close friend of the estranged couple.

“I laughed it off when I saw it. And I won’t comment any further like I said in my written statement,” sad Nox when called for comment.


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