Madzibaba Jonathan Moyo new look raises interest

Madzibaba Jonathan Moyo new look raises interest

Professor Jonathan Moyo’s tongue and intellect are not the only things on the man that have been known to be sharp.

So too has the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education’s blade on his shaving stick….until now.

Always clean shaven each time he aims his rifle at his foes and speaks his mind, the minister has suddenly, and curiously, started to let the hairs on his chin gain a life and mind of their own.
a hairy affair....Jonathan Moyo's 'madzibaba' look has raised interest.

And the camera’s caught the fledgling sprouts when the Cde was announcing the setting aside of funds to determine the full impact of sanctions on Zimbabwe which his ministry will superintend over.

The minister, Zimbabwe’s foremost Twimbo (a term which means a Zimbabwean who is active of Twitter a lot), was rather unassuming as people stared curiously at his new look especially since it is way past ‘no shave November’-commonly known as Movember.

Perhaps one of the impacts of sanctions on Zimbabwe is the low foreign currency to import shaving sticks, shaving gel and all the other sweet-scented trinkets that come along with grooming the chin? You decide!
'HAIRve another look...' The bearded Prof makes a hair raising point!

Either way, the influential internet socialite may just spark a trend right there along the lines of George Clooney and the rugged chinned Beckham? Time will tell!


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