Another Hideous President Mugabe Statue Rears Its Ugly Head

Another Hideous President Mugabe Statue Rears Its Ugly Head

Having been away from the country on his annual holiday, President Mugabe may be terribly disappointed to find out that another crime has been committed against him

And yet again it is in the name of art.

After Dominic Benhura put steel to stone to fashion out a curious object that was supposedly a statue of the Zimbabwean leader, another fellow decided to follow suit.

In an arduous task of bending metal and steel, Joshua Mboya from Kuwadzana completed a tragedy in the name of art also meant to be a statue of the president in what is seeming to be a heated competition to created aterociti4es in the name of the arts.

The twist to this tragedy is that the chap also had to sell off his possessions to finish the monstrosity and his friends encouraged him to follow his dream and complete the statue albeit homeless and without possessions.

And with friends like that Mboya does not need enemies.

The disproportionate creation, whose subject dons a terribly large suit jackets, has a remarkably large torso but the legs and hands of a midget like Tyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones as well as a fist raised straight across the head, has been met with silence.

The midget legs do no justice to a great leader whatsoever. Here is a man who should be making metal pots and pans for resale to low income earners than to try and don large robes of making a statue of such a character. The statue is criminal to say the absolute least.

Either those who have seen it died immediately after and failed to tell the tale of their shock and bewilderment or perhaps they just were shocked into being dead mute.
Perhaps since many people have shown a keen interest to honour the president through the arts by way of a statue, the time must be nigh that government commissioned an official statue that is well done and puts paid to monstrosities and abominations being formed in that pursuit.

It would save the nation a whole lot of scrap metal, stone, electricity and the possessions of poor misdirected metal bathtub makers masquerading as artistes!
Another Hideous President Mugabe Statue Rears Its Ugly Head
Another Hideous President Mugabe Statue Rears Its Ugly Head
And yet consolation for the president is perhaps the fact that Mboya has also bastardized the images of others; the late vice president Joshua Nkomo and reggae artiste Bob Marley being earlier casualties of his ‘workmanship’.


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