‘Pastor’ Evan Mawarire jets back-arrested

‘Pastor’ Evan Mawarire jets back-arrested

It is silly season in Zimbabwe yet again.

After having jetted out in apparent exile with a promise of coming back to Zimbabwe one fine day, Pastor Evan Mawarire is back in Zimbabwe but was detained by security personnel as soon as he landed at Harare international Airport.

Popularly known for his #ThisFlag movement, Pastor Evan led a resistance to State policies in a campaign that won him acclaim and trouble in equal measure.

The ‘brave’ pastor was however seen a s a wimp when he strolled out of the country pretending he was going for a trip to our own back garden-south Africa- and later airlifted his family to The United States.
Back with a whimper...Evan Mawarire

He attracted criticism that he had duped his followers into helping him gain worldwide acclaim and win asylum, or at least an easy Visa and life in the lap of luxury under the guise of being a victim of political persecution.

And now, he has come back home albeit without his family.

But he didn’t get roses and chocolate from State security as his lawyer confirmed neither was a red carpet rolled out;

Human rights lawyer Harrison Nkomo confirmed his client Mawarire was being detained at the Harare International Airport.

“It’s true he arrived at the airport and was immediately arrested. I have not been able to see him though and I am still trying,” Nkomo told the media.

Whatever the case surrounding Evan Mawarire’s return, there is bound to be a lot of news around the controversial cleric in the coming days no doubt!

speaking to an American publication ahead of landing Mawarire said he knew not what awaited him back home.

He went through the potential scenarios: “I arrive at the airport and I get questioned. I arrive at the airport and I get arrested. I arrive at the airport and they ignore me. I go to my house, and they arrest me there a few days later. Or they abduct me, which is even worse. Or maybe they just ignore me completely. I just don’t know what is going to happen.”
And exclusive picture of an arrested Pastor Evan Mawarire in handcuffs

He also said he was coming home because that is where he belonged;

“Zimbabwe is home for me and my family. That’s the place where we have a right to be without acquiring a visa, we are citizens of Zimbabwe. The president of Zimbabwe made comments to the effect that I was not welcome in Zimbabwe, but he doesn’t get to make that decision for me. I have not committed a crime, I’m not a fugitive, I’m a citizen, and an upstanding citizen for that matter.”

It's really going to get interesting!


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