Trevor Noah's New Multi Million Dollar Pad Sparks Twitter Madness Back In Africa

Trevor Noah's New Multi Million Dollar Pad Sparks Twitter Madness Back In Africa

Trevor Noah’s new pad in New York’s Manhattan ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ area, which he finished purchasing on Monday has left more than a few people back home in South Africa jelly.

Many ‘green’ envious people have harped on about how he ought to have invested back home or given money to the poor after it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that the pad cost a cool US$10 million (130 million rands).

''s my money...' Trevor Noah has bought himself a fancy Manhattan nest for 10 million (pic Huffington Post)

But Trevor Noah is not Father Africa, has never grown a beard to be Father Christmas and should feather his nest however he likes no matter what the cost.

And even if he were Father Christmas, it ain’t December yet.

The pad, from which one has a pretty view of the Empire State Building from one of the bathrooms, has been linked to the comedian with reports it has been one of the priciest exchanges of property in that neck of the woods.

And Trevor Noah is bloody good at his job and certainly is a funny man. See, even God in his infinite knowledge of every joke even BEFORE Trevor cracks it can’t help but chuckle once in a while when the Daily Show’s host is on a roll.

Surely Africa should let him reward himself when he splurges his ching-ching on his need for comfort and class after the on stage tummy tickling yada-yada.

But while other South Africans behaved as if they had voted Trevor Noah onto the Daily Show and his newfound fortune, others went pretty colourful on social media networks particularly Twitter:

‘Next time (it is reported) : Trevor Noah is dating Rihanna. South Africans (will say): There are lots of broke yellow bones in SA, why doesn't he date them,’ tweeted David Makobake in jest.

Call_Me_Steve tweeted; “South Africans; Trevor Noah buys R130m house with his money people complain Zuma builds R260m Nkandla with their money they are quiet.”

And @Supernova tweeted: ‘No guys. Trevor Noah is not your father. Let him spend his money however he pleases. Hawu.’

Whatever the case, the story of Trevor Noahs’ new pad certainly has started to trend.

Perhaps he should Christian it Noah’s Ark. He has sailed off in it because he listened to the voice of facing into the future and having discipline to dream and build his life and everyone else back home has drowned in the flood of procrastination.

Either way, Noah’s Ark has sailed!


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