Boom Beto Explodes in Bulawayo

Boom Beto Explodes in Bulawayo

He is the man of the moment in the Zimdancehall circles.

Not because he has an amazing discography under his belt or that he particularly has taken over the crown; far from it.

Coming to the Kings...Boom Beto

Yet with the hit song ‘Munodonhedza Musika’ trending on almost every speaker across the nation, everybody wants to have a piece of chanter Boom Beto-and now Bulawayo’s Club 263 will be hosting the youthful overnight sensation, next Friday March, 24.

The show promises fireworks.

You see, during the battle of the DJ’s held in Bulawayo two months ago at the same venue, it was the DJ’s who dropped that hot track who received the loudest cheers.

The un-initiated from the city of Kings would be heard asking who in heaven’s name the man behind the track was.

Which is therefore a show of sheer business acumen and cunning that Devine Assignments have decided to bring the fellow down to the city of Kings in the flesh. Now they can touch the sensation, smell the adrenaline, see the sweat streak from the man and hear his voice literally BOOM from the voice-box until he drops the mic.

The stakes are also high for the crooner who will be prying open virgin territory. And there will be blood. There always is blood when any virginity is lost.

Yet this time around the blood will be on the dance-floor and the patrons exhibit killer moves in the city where people dance like they were gods of moving to the rhythm.

Bulawayo is waiting. It shall no doubt be a show of epic proportions come next Friday.


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