Exploring the REAL magic of Tytan

Exploring the REAL magic of Tytan

The event is a Saturday 2011 burnout event at the Borrowdale Racecourse and the atmosphere is electric and celebratory as they almost always tend to be.

But somewhere in the crowd is a skinny caramel coloured little man alongside a towering dark human structure with wild hair dancing to a hot and happening song.

Long time coming...Tytan...truly 'Tha One!'

The magic is in how the two almost contrasting figures are in perfect synchronicity and are dancing much easier than they breathe,

This is the first time the world came to confront the magic of Tytan (Njabulo Knomo) Tha One and his cool mate Walter ‘Dogman-Mr Elders’ Chawota. And with the ink of H-Metro’s then intern Talent Razunguza, a debut article opened the doors to the media for what would be one of Zimbabwe’s best finds.

In spite of his latest disappointment of not lifting a NAMA gong with the track Mukoko he did alongside Ammara Brown, truth is the magic and potential of Tytan, as well as some of his best songs, happened way before he met Ammara.

Dare one say many of them were better than the products of his erstwhile sidekick Amara and perhaps his music writing skills are what helped shine the light on Andy Brown’s daughter as a serious artiste and not someone who butt rides well on the fame of her departed father.

Tytan’s underground discography shows that his magic first happened way before his current fame. And if it is consolation enough Tytan certainly has better days ahead of him and a NAMA or indeed Mukoko will be the least of Tytan’s targets.

The song Mr Picasso for example, drawing on Tytan’s magical appreciation of the fine arts and art beyond the magic of the voice, shows a Tytan at the height of his song writing prowess.

The track She Is Best, a hot and happening magical track with Naija influences captured the hearts and minds and souls of many people on the underground and is a perfect candidate for replay on any playlist. Coupled with an exhilarating live performance as a curtain raiser to Red Rat’s concert in Harare December 2011, Tytan sent warning shots to those with an eye for talent.

Back then the little god had an additional gift; dancing. Before cholesterol imploded and the little man exploded into a mildly heavyset man; something Tytan says he is working on fixing in the gymnasium.

Whatever the case, the world has not heard the best of Tytan. Much of it happened in his past and they need to dig out his old music to understand his doubtless genius. And the best is also yet to come because his creative genius is only just beginning to be tapped.(listen to She Is Best)

And if he returns to tip-top dancing shape, then Tytan will become a musical god that will no doubt etch his name onto the history books if not least because of his eclectic powers. A hip-hop, rap, Naija, sungura, gospel, contemporary artiste; Tytan, unlike other musicians in Zimbabwe who are in pigeon halls, can be whatever he wants to be whenever he wants to.

Keep your eyes wide open. You might miss his next burst of genius!
 Watch Mr Picasso:


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