‘Prophet Walter Magaya’s Israel Sin Bag Had Condoms’

‘Prophet Walter Magaya’s Israel Sin Bag Had Condoms’

Self-styled prophet Walter Magaya went on a pilgrimage to Israel and the Palestinian territories last week and social media was awash with his pictures in the Holy Land.

The eccentric cleric carried a satchel with him in which he carried notes from people intended to apparently be answered by God at the seat of religion in the Christian world.

Yet as soon as pictures of the cleric and the bag were released by many of his faithfuls, social media went berserk with jibes over what was in the bag really and some even suggesting that the bag contained contraceptives, not least of all condoms.
‘Prophet Walter Magaya’s Israel sin bag had condoms’
Taking a jibe at the alleged colourful sexual life that follows the hugely popular Magaya, whose tapes leaked with a voice alleged to be his and a concubine as well as rape charges that continue to dog him, it is understandable that a jibe of this nature would COME his way from those who do not believe in his ministry.

In typical nature of a prosperity gospel pregnant with symbolism that has ripped the world of religion in half, others totally believed taking ‘prayer requests’ to The Holy Land would help the spiritually afflicted while others from the traditional churches mainly and non-believers saw it as a bagful of bollocks.

Celebrated social media ‘god’ Mitchell Munyaradzi Gumbo sparked a debate when he posted the picture on Facebook with the status “So who is he going to give those problems in Israel. He is no longer in that tomb, he is risen!’ Along with a shared set of pictures shared by Emeritus Profr Ba Mufaro asking whether the nation’s problems could ever fit in a satchel, the posts set off a raging fire. What followed after that was an ideological avalanche that showed a huge belief schism.
‘Prophet Walter Magaya’s Israel sin bag had condoms’
“Muzere maCondom umo,” retorted one Itai Muroyi. “Idrama iwe. Kuzviita Jesu here?” asked Naume Katiyo (this is drama. Does he see himself as Jesus). “With the high number of tourists kuHoly Land hakuna time for the drama he's trying to portray. He's lucky to have simple-minded followers who are so gullible vanongokabira,” added Yeukai Mapfumo.
But the people were not done. Responding to a post that said Magaya was being ‘funny’, Vokal DaPoet said; “He is. Very funny. But you know what worries me? The people who follow him. Grown men and women.”

But Alexander Tendai Chigwedere would have nothing of the digs on Magaya; “What did he do to all off you let him be I don’t see it affecting you all,” he retorted.

At the end of it all. What remains absolute apparent is that the nation, faced by a fanatical craze and belief in the wave being given the misnomer ‘Pentecostalism’, has been torn apart by creed.

There seems no remedy in clear sight to heal the gap between those who believe in the radical ‘prophets’ along the mould of Emmanuel Makandiwa, Magaya, Prophet Passion Java and the growing list of colourful ‘prophets’ on one hand, and the traditional churches and older religious establishments on the other hand.

And whether indeed condoms were in the bag, what seems overly apparent is that nothing in that bag can act as a PROTECTOR to Magaya with regards to social media scrutiny, attacks, and probably admiration and praise in equal doses and measure!
‘Prophet Walter Magaya’s Israel sin bag had condoms’


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