Spain appoints ‘Minister of Sex’

Spain appoints ‘Minister of Sex’

They may be very good at riding bulls in Spain-the home of Rodeo, but they are apparently not riding each other!

And with a reportedly ‘catastrophically low birth rate’, the government of the European nation has now appointed a Minister of Sex!

Sex Bomb! 'Minister of sex' Edelmira Bareirra

The ‘bedroom cheerleader’ is expected to be the sex Czar that will get things up-including the numbers of newborns in a country that has recorded more deaths than births and gotten authorities worried.

Edelmira Bareirra (whose first name will mean a whole lot more to Zimbabweans) is a demographic expert who is expected to produce a paper that will bring strategies to boost the birth rate amid complaints that the Spanish are just too tired after a hard day’s work to get busy between the sheets!

The government expects this new ‘sex goddess’ will be Spain’s answer to the declining birth rate and see a lot more bambinos rolling

Spain is about to get busy


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