Hot Nyasha David Tiki Taka Video to drop Monday (Watch Trailer Here)

Hot Nyasha David Tiki Taka Video to drop Monday (Watch Trailer Here)

Sometimes first is not always best. And Nyasha David Dengwani, popularly known as just Nyasha David, is a true testament to that fact.

After coming third in talent search show Dreamstar in 2015, the artiste has by far started shining brighter than the peers in his ‘class of ‘15’ by working on his self-titled album Nyasha David off which the single Tiki Taka was the first to be released.

Dribbling the opposition...Nyasha David

Now a smashing video to Tiki Taka beckons.

And the magic explodes on April 24 (next Monday) when the talented Nyasha releases the video to the song Tiki Taka which was directed by fast rising icon Tafadzwa ‘Croft’ Furusa through his GuardianPix label.

Featuring the genius of Realflex Dance group and laden with a fast-paced energy and flawless cinematographic excellence, the video is a hot-shot favourite to break onto continental channels as well as establish Nyasha as a brand beyond borders.

His music, in classic RnB and Afro Pop style, appeals beyond borders and will no doubt make him a trans-frontier talent.

Tiki Taka is a model of perfect artistry and will set a new bar in the art of videography in the country as many artistes start to up their game in the art of video making. Nyasha David is definitely amongst the elite with the Tiki Taka masterstroke.

The trailer to the video, already viewed by yours truly, will shake the foundations of the industry. Premiering Monday here and on Nyasha David’s official channels, the best I can do now is give you this exclusive sneak peek of the trailer, and leave your appetite whetted for the main nuclear annihilation of the competition come Monday!

REVIEW POLICY: Artistes please note if I’m not important enough to doa preview, chances are very slim you’ll be getting a review from me. True, we always save the best for last but that doesn’t mean the best gets your material last.


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