Nandos PIGEONS spoil the day

Nandos PIGEONS spoil the day

They always say breast is best. And the same holds true at Nandos Chicken apparently.

Dashing for a quick lunch at the fast food store proved a great afternoon out for me and a huge disappointment for my dear friend Victor Moyo. 

Spot the chicken...African men like their thighs large...something Nando's Zim obviously don't know!

I specifically asked for the breast portion while Victor, a large and chirpy fellow, against my wise counsel, ordered the leg portion.

I have serous Nandos cravings and have to trot into their branch every week. The chick (no pun intended) in the branch knows what part of my chick I prefer.

Sadly, Victor had no such knowledge.

You see for all their very good succulent meals, Nandos have increasingly started serving smaller and smaller chickens. True, we are fresh out of a famine but perhaps they should let these chicks grow up a bit before serving us these tiny things and making us complicit in an act of diner’s statutory rape i.e sinking your teeth into a chick that hasn’t come of age yet.

The ‘thigh’ in Victor’s hands looked more like a toothpick, save to say it was his most disappointing meal ever at a fast food outlet.

I had the same pain in Kwekwe when we stopped by the Nandos a few weeks ago with MultiChoice Zimbabwe’s Liz Dziva as my craving worked itself up a bit. Having been used to my regular branch where they know my regular order I only realised after opening my extra-hot bag that I had had a leg of pigeon tossed in instead. Ok, so even pigeons are juicer than what they are serving at Nandos. Point taken.

Maybe thanks to command agriculture and the bumper harvest we will be giving Nando’s chicks more grain and see them growing a bit bigger so that people enjoy REAL hearty chicken. In the mean time when the craving speaks, go for the breast portion instead. It may not be as big as mom’s serving of breast, but it is a safer bet!

Having a bad spell for Nandos is not limited to their 'pigeon' chickens only...

Oh, and we noticed how on the wall mural Nandos failed to spell NOW and wrote NEW instead. It’s not only in the kitchen where they are not thorough anymore. They should get a refund from their signwriter!
Quick Pigeon Buster Tip: For $5 you can buy a bottle of a Nandos sauce of your choice and then marinate REAL chickens in the comfort of your own home. That’s what I did! Also, always complete the Nandos customer survey on Howwasitforyou and let them know how you feel about their portions or even when you have good feedback…


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