Powertel Zimbabwe's Moment Of Idiocy

Powertel Zimbabwe's Moment Of Idiocy

Powertel Zimbabwe have probably just become the most beautiful idiot amongst the large host of internet service providers in the county.

Certainly with other competitors shining ahead with their awesome product launches, the most recent glamorous launch being that of competitor ZOL, perhaps there was pressure on a dormant Powertel to also be seen.

Selling a lie...Powertel Zimbabwe

Finally, some git had had enough of being made to look lame and unimaginative, so they decided to advertise their awesome services.

You see, Powertel offer great internet services with their dongles and the speed if actually very very fast. I kid you not and this isn’t sarcasm. And to top it all, they actually mean unlimited per month when they promise that. Others promise unlimited service with a cap to the amount of data you can use in the month.

So fair enough, after seeing the advertisements, I finally went back to Powertel to get a dongle and rekindle my love affair with them so that we would surf the internet happily ever after like we did in years gone by.

To be honest, the start-up package is affordable and not a tedious process compared to their competitors whose mi-fi products are so dear even Santa Claus can’t get you those for Christmas.

But when I got to Powertel there was only one problem-the guy stuffing himself with pie was the least of my worry along with his can of Spar-Letta Cherry Plum. It wasn’t his fault. In spite of the massive expensive advertising asking people to sign up to their service, Powertel have, wait for this- NO dongles! No wonder the chap was stuffing himself.

So here is a whole service provider spending thousands of dollars advertising something that they actually do not have.

Rewind a little bit. In my bid to get internet to use I had THRICE gone to Powertel over the past five or so months and always met with the ‘we don’t have dongles’ explanation.

So finally with them advertising in the Press I saw what was, obviously, an announcement that the dongles had finally arrived. Right? Wrong!

In any sane country (we are slightly shy of that by a light year or two) the company would be confronted for in the least false advertising.

Imagine a woman without a uterus advertising her services as a great surrogate mother! That’s Powertel for you.

Bottom line is in spite of their decent service, their organisational skills are not up to scratch and their leadership, which lets a company go for months on end without the very BASIC provision of dongle based sign-ups is a leadership that is not fit for purpose. Perhaps Denny Marandure and co could send them a couple of invites next year when ZOL hold their product launch for next year.

Africom is also way ahead of the Powertel snail speed with far better planning (even though their website has just about as much life as a World War II tombstone). Somebody needs at whip!

Utterly disappointing. Totally despicable. Useless!

Whoever is responsible for procurement and pleasing the client at Powertel is just about as useful as a pair of tits on a nun! Not fit for purpose.

On the plus side, the man with the pie in his mouth promised the dongles would finally be in store by next Wednesday, check with me to see if I finally remarry Powertel and post pictures of the second wedding ceremony.


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