Steward Bank To Open Hotel?

Steward Bank To Open Hotel?

Strive Masiyiwa has always been the master of capitalising on any crisis and it seems he may see another glimmer of light pretty soon.

Everything from Econet Wireless providing great mobile technology to banking services via Steward Bank down to entering the world or extra-terrestrial television via Kwese TV, Strive has always been able to get a coin out of any opportunity.

Steward Bank has all the numbers and hungry tummies to start a hotel (Pic Courtesy of Pindula)

Which is why it is perfectly easy to envisage that perhaps his next venture will be the hotel industry or perhaps at the very least low-end of the market type bed and breakfast.

You haven’t thought about it Strive? Well here’s an idea.

See, as perhaps one of the worst banks in the country, Steward Bank boasts of the most people outside of a banking institution waiting to be served. At almost every Steward Bank branch are millions of people snaking around blocks and with some sleeping at the premises so that they can get a decent number to be amongst the first to be served come the next day.

True, other banks have the same problem but nowhere is it more pronounced the difference of service than my own NMB, particularly the Eastgate Mall branch next to Steward Bank, where you can literally do a waltzing Matilda into NMB and get your money before waltzing out real quick while Steward Bank clients look at you in envy.

In fact at Eastgate they have security guards escorting clients bit by bit to be served from outside the complex as they interrupt NMB Bank clients as if they are being taken into Noahs Ark. Except they are being taken into the Nazi concentration camp of banks. You are bound not to survive the Steward Bank Banking experience!

Perhaps after creating all those lines if Strive and co were to start Steward Bank Bed And Breakfast they would put those numbers to good use and make an extra dollar off of them?

We all know how Econet will pilfer dollars off your account if you top up a lot of money so why not make the most of these ‘clients’ by getting another one over them while we are at it? Heh Steward?

Steward Bank queues for money are so long that it is not entirely stretching one’s imagination to suggest that people form queues even after just being told that Steward Bank want to build a new bank on an open piece of land.

The time it takes to plan, build and open a branch is probably shorter than waiting to be served at the already built existing branches. It’s that bad!

Whatever the case wouldn’t it be fancy making calls off an Econet line while lying in Steward Hotel waiting to be taken by the Steward Client shuttle on the next day to go into a Steward Bank branch whilst watching Kwese TV?

Perhaps even throw in a bar or two for dudes like me who want a cold one?

After having signed everyone including people on their deathbed and one or two corpses onto what was TN Bank without having prepared adequately for the massive sign-up Steward has evidently bitten off more than they could chew.

And now the mayhem speaks. Somebody is gonna fall! Let’s see if they can blame this current madness at their branches on Supa Mandiwanzira! The good minister must be watching this lunacy whilst rubbing his hands and giggling with glee!

Robert Mukondiwa is a guy who doesn’t lie using any services that steal his time or money.


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