Ghana’s Rocky Dawuni To Rock Hifa Tonight

Ghana’s Rocky Dawuni To Rock Hifa Tonight

He sits across the rugged table with a smell of cold laden timber and opens his kaylite packaging to reveal his quick dinner.

Immediately an aroma of fresh distinct curry invades the chilly autumnal Zimbabwean evening sending the senses mad into delirium while the steaming rice grains give out a starchy, sweet and comforting smell to the meal.

Rocky Dawuni talks to Robert Mukondiwa ahead of his HIFA performance in Harare, Zimbabwe.

He digs in calmly as he makes his point, his thick dreadlocks and ebony face distinct against his white top and deliberate marbles that are his eyes.

“I like to think of this as a homecoming and am excited to be here for Hifa. This is my first visit to Zimbabwe and it is a dream come true,” says Rocky Dawuni, the Ghanaian reggae sensation and Grammy nominated maestro who is due to rock the Hifa (Harare International Festival Of the Arts) ZOL Main stage at the ungodly hour of 10pm tonight to put a cap on the day.

“My wish is for African development and in spite of the colonial demarcations and boundaries that were created I believe in African development which to me means more than a new building being built but rather Africans coming together to realise they are one and share so much in terms of their dreams, their hopes and aspirations and building their future,” he says.

One could think he were a philosopher of sorts. But then isn’t that the mark of a true music maestro? That ability to transform everyday hopes into deep and spiritual intelligence? And so this philosopher sits before me in an exclusive meet up a day before his Friday night show.

And next to him is his enamoured wife and manager Cary Sullivan who sits listening to Rocky’s wisdom. In spite of being his handler and life partner, she seems as intrigued by his sense of wisdom as if he were a song so sweet it captures the heart and gives you Goosebumps when you listen to it for the thousandth time as strongly and as captivatingly as it did upon your first encounter with its ghostly magic. And such it will be for those who will attend his show today no doubt.

Rocky Dawuni is a touch of freshly smelted African gold on the Hifa crown this year not least because of his recognition as a music god by the guild that decides Grammy nominees but also by a strong and powerful artistry that makes him one of the greatest global names in his music genre and definitely the best out of Africa in recent years.

But his ‘homecoming’ to Zimbabwe is also ambassadorial as it is artistic and philosophical.

“I was in Jamaica recently and was with the Marleys. They were very excited when I told them I would be coming to Zimbabwe and said it’s been 37 years since they were here for your independence and they have sent me with a special message of solidarity which I will deliver to the crowds tomorrow.”

And today, cometh that day and hour Rocky will be rocking the stage and delivering nuggets of intelligence and messages of home.

From Ghana, the land of our first lady Sally Sarah Francesca Hayfron Mugabe, comes another voice to cement our relationship with Africa’s first nation to break the shackles of colony and take the road to the African renaissance.

Initially slotted in for 7:15 pm tonight, a last minute swop by Hifa means he will now perform at 10 while Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi take up his slot in a clean swop. Definitely Hifa have gotten this wrong as on social media many were still of the opinion Tuku and Winky D would still be the closing act. But if they slip and end up with Rocky on their lap, they will be pleasantly surprised by this unique voice that occupies the reggae pantheon of gods!
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