Rising Gospel Diva Tafadzwa Mukaro Unleashes Timely Gem

Rising Gospel Diva Tafadzwa Mukaro Unleashes Timely Gem

Zimbabwean artistes are not usually known for timely pieces of artistry but rising gospel star Tafadzwa Mukaro has unearthed a sparkle of a gem that is set to gain relevance amongst the working class and entrepreneurs alike.

Entitled Ndashanda, the track and its accompanying gem of a video come right on time as the working world around the globe celebrates and commemorates Workers Day also known as Mayday.

Versatile gem...Tafadzwa Mukaro

And contrary to the Rolling Stones who couldn’t get no satisfaction as working class adults, Tafadzwa is not a whinger but in fact celebrates the tents of hard work.

And her track in itself is the product of hard work, energy and tireless dedication which is relentless coming from a vaguely known goal getter that Tafadzwa is.

In spite of a fresh voice with saccharine beauty and allure, Tafadzwa has not broken into mainstream music or become a household name in spite of having a back catalogue that consists of two other albums ahead of the forthcoming third album from which the single Ndashanda is taken.

But now, that may all change with the monumental beauty that the video of Ndashanda is and the acclaim it will undoubtedly garner after its official release.

Her manager, who also is her doting husband and best friend, believes it certainly is time for his household rose to flourish.

We have come of age and this new single is the second one to be released from the forthcoming album which we hope will do well,” says hubby-cum-manager Wisdom Mukaro. And he is indeed as wise as his name suggests. The investment that has gone into this track and the Slim Magombedze made video ensures that even angels in flight will take a moment to listen to this melody and marvel at the quality of its videography.

The simplicity adds to the beauty ensuring that less is more while the dance-ability and sing along nature, coupled with a radiant bliss of Tafadzwa, almost palpable through a screen as the loveable girl-next-door type of person ensures that it grows on you.

But perhaps the biggest strength of the track is how the lyrics are not preachy or holier-than-thou. The gospel element is subtle in a way that makes even the non-believer fall in love with the track and the underlying message of celebrating the benefits of hard work.

And going forth certainly we will see more of Tafadzwa being a household name and a key person in the arts.

“Soon we shall release the video officially,” said Wisdom.


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