Mudiwa Hood’s New ‘KaSister Kaheavy’ Video Shows His Heart

Mudiwa Hood’s New ‘KaSister Kaheavy’ Video Shows His Heart

There is something fundamentally eye-catching and gripping when a peacock decides to publicly shed tears.

Mudiwa Hood’s new video released this week to his heartfelt plea of a song ‘KaSister Kaheavy’ (a remarkable woman in street lingo) is one such unique and out of this world moment and listener’s experience. And so too for the connoisseur with an eye of interpreting meaning and feeling through song and cinematography.

Searching...Mudiwa Hood

Produced by Naxo Productions, the video is ground-breaking for a handful of reasons.

Mudiwa is the slayer. The flosser-par-excellence who is never too ‘modest’ to tout what he has in the bank, his back-yard, in his heart or in his wardrobe. And being a swagger King, the fact that he goes against the grain to finally throw out an emotional ballad of such a sort complete with a video with almost palpable emotions is a fresh take on the man.

When a proud peacock sheds tear you know it is from the heart. And the ‘celebrity bachelor’ does that here.

He is seeking love and one gets the feeling watching the video that he is definitely serious about finally wanting to settle down.

Mudiwa has scars from many battles which he desperately tried to hide. But today he does not show a scar in his latest video but is frank enough to show and entire wound. And in the words of the 1997 Jon Voight Keenan Ivory Wayans movie Most Wanted, “Why does a man so proud of his wounds hide his scars?”

And now we know. There is a deeply personal scar under his skin on the surface of his heart. He is genuinely seeking love.

And at the very end of the videographic journey we are told that this heartfelt visual journey is based on a true story. That he ropes in his beloved parents in the video with his mother showing genuine concern shows this could well become a national crisis that ropes in the President and cabinet. But there won’t be command marriage anytime soon as the bachelor is seeking a God-fearing gospel girl with all the right traits!

Everyone who has had a mother or pesky aunt asking after ‘when you will get married’ will also relate to this work.

And it is a neat journey of a video which will resonate with many and connect Mudiwa to his ever rising legion of fans.

Now sink your teeth in KaSister kaHeavy:


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