Sandra Ndebele’s Tshibilika Definition Of A Rebirth

Sandra Ndebele’s Tshibilika Definition Of A Rebirth

Sandra Ndebele has been giving birth and proven she is absolutely good at it.

The erstwhile femme fatale in the music industry has pumped out no less than 3 bouncing babies and now that mini-human-churning machine seems to have been shut down.

Sandra and Leeknotic in promotional material for the Tshibilika song and video.

And to announce her magical return is no less than an iconic feel good song entitled Tshibilika (turn around) performed alongside one of the least celebrated yet perhaps the hottest rising Zimbabwean musical protégé Leeknotic.

And the video elicits the vocal and creative beauty of Leroy ‘Leeknotic’ Mhike in all its impressive vibe.

But the revolution does not end there. Sandra’s groove in the Andy Cutta directed piece of visual glory has also changed in a way that marks her arguable return to the top as the female musician of yesteryear, capable of captivating the listeners.

And who could have thought we could enjoy a Sandra Ndebele video without a lot of ‘skin’ in it? But this is the one. No longer riding on sex appeal, Sandra is all covered up like a succulent éclair with the beauty hidden inside of her in the form of a remarkable talent.

Always a goddess at putting perfection together, Sandra has turned a special curve in this video which is no doubt set to get the music world lit and hopefully burst Leeknotic, a god waiting to be crowned, into the realm of his music loving subjects.
 Watch Tshibilika here:


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