Unpacking the ‘Mess’ Of Selmor Mtukudzi’s Hangasa video

Unpacking the ‘Mess’ Of Selmor Mtukudzi’s Hangasa video

Selmor Mtukudzi crept out of the woodworks again this week with a new track politely dropped alongside a video for her fans entitled Hangasa.

She has always had the painful end of the stick Selmor has. 

Mess-maker'...Selmor Mtukudzi

Living under the shadow of a Colossal father, Oliver Mtukudzi, as a mentor can be an advantage-or a double-edged sword when you are clouded and left cold out by how he outperforms you and such has been with Selmor in equal measure.

But there is something wrong with Selmor. She is as stubborn as a mule.

In spite of the challenges she unleashed the hit Nguva Yangu and proved she was a stand-alone voice and part of the musical tapestry.

And back again like a bad penny stubborn Selmor is with this video alongside Macdonald ‘Macdee’ Chidavaenzi and her husband Tendai Manatsa.

And the video is a mess if one sits down to view it and listen to the song.

Like her tall and towering husband, the video for Hangasa is a towering production. And perhaps the perfect description of it would be a ‘beautiful mess’.

She ably puts together the spontaneous mess of Zimbabwean Shona musical culture, sounds and colourful emotions to unleash what is probably one of the best feel good track videos of the year so far and with strange perfection.

Her haunting voice pierces the soul while the choreography to her dance track is a little bit more than perfect and on point.

And perhaps sending a message to all who have attempted dance track videos this year, Selmor shows that a good dance and well put together choreography is the difference between mediocrity and the thrill of the groove.

It is not by coincidence that outfit’s like Plot Mhako’s Jibilika Trust exist.

Without a good well put together dance routine, even an amazing track can end up looking like a dud.

And in the case of Selmor’s song, to be fair it is not the best dance and sing-along track so far this year; certainly so compared to Chekeche by MTM or even her own erstwhile hit Nguva Yangu. But with such a succulent video that feeds the eyes and such great choreography and cinematography, Selmor knew just what would tickle a fan’s fancy.
In this case she bring on Hwamaanda Dance Troupe who do a sterling job while the directorship of Simb Gee puts icing on the cake!

A great effort from a great woman who has come of age and started consistently making her mark.

Watch Hangasa Here:


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