Adoration Bizure: The eagle Soars

Adoration Bizure: The eagle Soars

There must have been some magical inspiration behind Adoration Bizure’s decision to name his movie company Eagle Eye.

The young self-made director certainly has all the traits of the legendary eagle; whatever he sets his sights on, he swoops towards and almost always gets in his claws never mind what the naysayers are humming.

Eying Glory...Adoration Bizure

And with the coming of his next production after his inaugural film Deception, Camouflage is set to prove that the director is certainly here to stay in his choice of artistic discipline without question and without doubt.

“I found that I had the passion for acting, film and directing so I decided to go for it and after having learnt from my mistakes from the first production I decided to have another go and produce Camouflage in spite of the financial difficulties I faced which made production take longer,” he says remarkably soft spoken and calm.

Never be deceived by that calm composure.

Behind that ‘camouflage’ of soft-spoken meekness is a raging monstrous fire-breathing relentless animal that will go for its pursuit and not stop anywhere short of winning. Perhaps an eagle with the heart of a lion. Like the mythological hybrid animals, Adoration is one such creation and his journey has only just begun.

It doesn’t hurt that in Camouflage, which he will be launching on July 28 at a red carpet city event in Harare, also has big name arts galácticos including big screen debutante Dereck Mpofu, Pathisani Sibanda, Anthony Tongani and Prophet Passion Java.

And the eagle eye of the soaring Bizure managed to spot the galácticos and knew they would add flair to a beautiful dream conceived in his beautiful mind.

A journalist by day, Bizure also tried his hand at scriptwriting, penning both stories to his film credits as well as ubiquitous roles in his productions, which he says are inspired by limited funding hence his multitasking.

In a fledgling industry that blows hot and cold and has precious little in terms of new productions or funds to boost it, it takes tenacious minds like Adoration’s to work with the shoe-string and produce material to get products onto the market.

The soundtrack to the movie is an OST created in a duet between Dereck Mpofu and renowned publicist and socialite Elizabeth ‘Lizzy D’ Dziva and adds a sweet layer of icing on what promises to be a beautiful cake.

Come the launch of Camouflage, the eagle from Eagle Eye will soar a couple of heights higher no doubt.


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