Skimbo Relives Ordeal At The Hands Of 'She Devil' Squanda In New Short Film

Skimbo Relives Ordeal At The Hands Of 'She Devil' Squanda In New Short Film

In what must certainly be a therapeutic journey into his recent past, comedian Tatenda Albert Matika, popularly known as Skimbo, has released a short-film chronicling his traumatic ordeal at the hands of Zimdancehall chanter Lady Squanda.

The infamous incident which happened last year helped propel him to stardom earning him a maiden trip to the United Kingdom.

Getting the last laugh...Skimbo

The film, which is little over thirteen minutes, relives the ordeal and gives fans and viewers a front row seat of what the artiste endured at the hands of the thuggish singer, who eventually forced him to lick her grubby stump of a foot.

The short film is entitled 'Tsoka Dzerwendo, alluding to how he sucked her feet but that incident got his career moving forward to previously unfathomed territory.

Squanda was retaliating to a video that had been created as part of Skimbo’s parody news efforts in which the comedian took the mickey out of Squanda after it was revealed that she had stolen underwear and towels at a shop in Kwekwe after having visited the sleepy metropolis as she was performing there.

With a gang of thugs, Squanda coaxed Skimbo into a vehicle purportedly to go and negotiate terms to have a musical collaboration before setting in a brood of hissing vipers that went on to assault the comedian and intimidate him as they recorded the ordeal.

As it went viral on the internet, the video instead enamoured Skimbo to a sympathetic viewership, earned condemnation for Lady Squanda, and had her dropped from a line-up of artistes scheduled for a UK show, with Skimbo getting a kiss from Karma and getting the slot to Muddy Island instead of the butch bully.

The video immediately breached the one thousand viewer mark within minutes of being dropped and has since continued going as viral as the smell of Squanda’s feet.
Watch the short film here:


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