Using That Hideous Econet Debit Card? Be Very Careful

Using That Hideous Econet Debit Card? Be Very Careful

The company where the devil did his industrial placement, popularly known as attachment, Econet, -has never had good or rave reviews of late along with the store room for the brimstone-Steward Bank.

Which is why whenever I brandish their Mastercard Debit Card, many retailers have always been sceptical to accept it.

An inconvenient load or horse-manure, the Ecocash Debit Card can be serious transactional bullshit

“It will cause you serious problems,” the woman at KFC said preferring cash or any other card from REAL reputed honest banking institution instead.

“Many people use it and the transaction is recorded as declined but when you then go through your record you find you will have had money deducted twice,’ she explained

What a sceptic, I thought to myself. Sure, there is more life in a mortuary than Steward Bank and Econet but surely this card cannot be that bad!

So I hopped on to Nandos who grudgingly accepted the card. After declining one transaction, I was made to go through a second attempt and voila, the transaction went through.

A day later it turns out I paid twice for my meal, just like the clairvoyant prophetess at KFC had told me.

You would think it would be easy to get a reversal but NO. The onus is upon you to go back to the merchant (even if they are in Joburg or Honolulu) so that they provide you with the receipt to show that there was a failed transaction before the one that went through.

And yet you would expected the people at Econet, once they are on their meds, which they hopefully adhere to, would see from their records that a refusal of transaction was sent by THEM to THEIR registered merchant who they obviously have details of and can verify with rather than have the customer go up and down like a yoyo to recoup sometimes very minimalistic amounts.

But this is an institution that makes the antichrist look like The Messiah remember? So you don’t expect them to make things any logical, easier or sensible.

what happens to the rural client who is not on twitter and had no email address? What happens to someone who will have left the city of the failed transaction? What shit is this you ask? Obviously Ecoshit and it comes complete with the Ecoshit application!

And so I will have to get tonnes of paperwork as if I am seeking a burial order so that I recoup just $8.

And to all my thousands of loyal readers, many of you who have told me of your worse experiences at the hands of Strive’s dragon, let us start this journey and see how much seat we have to lose before we get our $8 and hopefully our other costs back.

Wish me luck. This promises to be more epic than an episode of Game Of Thrones. Winter is here for real!


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