You Thought Lameck Was Bad? Meet Josia And His Letter To Steward Bank!

You Thought Lameck Was Bad? Meet Josia And His Letter To Steward Bank!

When Lameck from Mabvuku threw a tantrum at a funeral the whole nation stood still and our hearts skipped a beat. The only heart that was, well, cold, was that of the dead woman he was ranting about.

But perhaps Lameck has nothing on Josia Chikozho who evidently is not happy about the service he is getting, or rather NOT getting from blundering mickey-mouse banking institution Steward Bank.

Let's face it, not even Mickey Mouse would want to bank with Stupid Bank! I mean Steward, Steward. Got it right finally.

Just as popular entertainer and comedian Doc Vikela aired his views on Facebook saying Steward Bank was a ‘shitty’ bank and he was quitting dealing with them, Josia was also ranting on the same platform about the bank from ‘Satan’.

Irked that his salary had not reflected into his account almost a week after his work colleagues got their monies, Josia likened joining the bank to sacrificing his life for rituals and that the people at the bank were, well, witches and wizards.
No love lost...Josia's letter to Stupid Bank oops, Steward

Typing from the heart one could get a sense that Steward Bank, the all-time low in banking circles in as far as service provision is concerned shall never convince Josia to stay until they are out of the woods and hit a purple patch. Purple may be their colour but they most certainly haven’t hit that colour patch.

Josia even calls the bank 'poop'. But not in such a friendly and nice way!

They probably won’t soon.

But hey, why should we tell you? Why not read the missive from Josia as captured in this screenshot?

Lance Mambondiani and the brat pack at Steward have just been pierced by a (wait for it) LANCE into their ego for sure!


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