'Dead' Jah Prayzah’s ‘Corpse’ Causes A Stir

'Dead' Jah Prayzah’s ‘Corpse’ Causes A Stir

It may have been his birthday, but visitors and attendees would have thought they were there to pay their last respects to the lanky Mudhara Vachauya singer, Jah Prayzah; but he wasn't dead.

And that was all because of one thing.

His hideous unnerving birthday cake.

Somebody, in their infinite wisdom, or lack thereof, decided it was a good idea to have a cake in the mould of Jah Prayzah standing and donning his white trademark military regalia.

What came out was an epic fail which resembled the mummified remains of Jah Prayzah, looking dead and definitely not scrumptious to eat unless someone had very strong cannibalistic tendencies of eating the dead.
Mudhara Vachaenda...Jah Prayzah's Corpse of a cake
Chances are the death could have been after a serious stroke because Jah Prayzah's face was distorted and unrecognisable. The illness also must have been long to cause such hideous adjustments to his otherwise tolerable looks!

And epic comedian Skimbo also had a go at the terrible piece in one of his skits last week; predictably.

Sure Christ gave people his ‘body’ and asked them to ‘do this in memory of’ him but to expect the adoring fans of Jah Prayzah to eat the corpse of the singer was asking way too much even of his ardent legion of followers.

Chances are, the ‘undertaker’ who created the dead body monstrosity will not be trying to do the same thing again after this epic fail.

And perhaps Jah Prayzah will go for a less eccentric cake for his next birthday. We aren’t quite sure though whether the ‘body of Jah’ was eaten to the last crumb by those who were invited to this ‘unholy communion’!


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